When Soaring Group attended this Frankston Concrete Drying Job, we once again saw just how much damage an appliance can do.

The cause? A hot water service with a slow leak that cased some pretty significant water damage over time. We stepped in, working with the property owner’s insurance company, to undertake some heavy-duty Frankston concrete drying.

As you can see in the picture below, concrete drying does not just involve popping some fans down and leaving them to run over time. This Frankston property needed more attention. With a slow leak, water has time to sneakily seep into places and get its hooks in – and people often don’t discover this until there are major water damage issues.

Frankston Concrete Drying

Thankfully, the owner’s insurance company came to the party, and we worked in partnership with them to get the Melbourne flood restoration job done as smoothly as possible.

We brought in the big guns – industrial concrete drying fans, drying mats, and dehumidifiers. They are all part of a comprehensive structural drying system that ensures concrete is completely dry before further restoration or replacement works are undertaken.

If this job is not done correctly, the owners would most likely be confronted with mould issues and other moisture-related challenges down the track. This is terrible for health and wellbeing, as well as for the value of the property itself.

Hot water systems and other appliances can wreak havoc when they fail, and any restoration and concrete drying works should be completed by certified and insured professionals. The expert team at Soaring Group knows water inside and out and knows how to deal with the fallout from leaks and floods.

Contact Soaring Group to find out more about our services – let the specialists handle any flood or mould problems. Your health and home depend on it!