Discovering a burst water pipe can be stressful, but a professional St Kilda Carpet Drying company can help take the pressure off.

Soaring Group attended this St Kilda carpet drying job following a nasty burst water pipe. The property owner’s insurance company sent our experts out to install drying equipment, hoping to get on top of the water issue before it caused any lasting damage.

Fans and dehumidifiers are just part of the process when it comes to carpet drying, and this St Kilda home was on borrowed time. Undertaking any floor restoration works correctly as early as possible is critical when it comes to winning the battle with water.

This helps to prevent long term damage or moisture issues – such as mould – which is better for everyone’s health and happiness. The problems that can arise from mould exposure within the home or workplace are now well-known and it is vital to take measures that stop this insidious invader from taking up residence.

St Kilda Carpet Drying

You need to enlist the help of specialists, people who are certified and insured and understand the nuances of water damage. Water will find its way into the smallest and most hidden of places, making it hard for those who aren’t in the know to deal with flood events effectively.

Handling flood restoration and carpet drying to completion early on the piece is also important for minimising disruptions for property residents. Having to move to temporary accommodation during water damage remediation works can be challenging, especially if families have to manage children, school, work, and pets.

Don’t leave this important work to just anyone. Make sure you hire an expert team such as Soaring Group to handle your carpet drying, whether you are based in St Kilda or the Greater Melbourne area.

Contact us today to find out more or speak to your insurance company about working with Soaring Group.